7 Reasons Why You Should Add ADM Skincare Products To Your Skincare Routine

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Once upon a time, Dr. Dele-Michael’s passion for inclusive skincare met a recurring need for products catering to skin of color, and ADM Skincare was born.

The story of ADM skincare began in 2015, when board-certified dermatologist and skin of color expert, Dr. Adebola Dele-Michael, noted a need for safe and effective skincare products that cater to specific skin concerns affecting people of color.

“I noticed that most of the skincare products available on the market were outdated and did not address skin concerns affecting my patients of color in a culturally competent and safe manner” For instance, many skincare products marketed for hyperpigmentation in people of color still feature hydroquinone, a skin bleaching ingredient that has been banned in Japan, Europe and Australia.”

The quest to create ultra-performing, clean, natural skincare products using clinically proven ingredients, led Dr. Dele-Michael to create ADM skincare, a collection of expertly formulated skincare products using the latest in active-ingredient research and product delivery technology.

ADM skincare is leading the way in inclusive skincare

As a skin of color dermatologist-owned, woman-led skincare brand, ADM skincare is leading the way in inclusive skincare. “ADM skincare is for anyone and everyone desiring radiant and healthy skin, men, women, young and old,” says Dr. Dele-Michael. ADM skincare’s formulations reflect the incorporation of cutting edge clinical research in solving skin concerns in our modern and changing world.

High Energy Visible Blue light (HEV) and maskne are emerging skin concerns in 2021

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are spending more time indoors staring at computer screens and monitors that emit High Energy Visible Blue light (HEV). HEV has been shown in clinical studies to contribute to premature skin aging and wrinkles, skin discoloration, melasma and skin damage. Prior to the pandemic, prolonged exposure of the skin to High Energy Visible Blue light (HEV) was not as significant as it is now. Therefore, one’s skin care routine must address this emerging threat to skin health.

Also, mask-wearing has been mandated as a measure to contain the spread of Coronavirus in many countries across the globe. While mask-wearing has been shown to reduce the transmission of the Coronavirus, prolonged mask-wearing has been associated with various skin concerns collectively known as maskne.

ADM skincare products are formulated to help protect the skin from new and emerging skin concerns in 2021

ADM skincare products are formulated to help protect the skin from the harmful effects of high energy blue light (HEV) and to help prevent and treat maskne. The unique blend of active ingredients in ADM skincare products are optimized to help deliver anti-oxidants that bind free radicals in the skin and to correct and brighten the skin for clear and radiant skin.

ADM skincare products uses rational skincare product design to formulate updated and timely skincare products that meet the needs of our everchanging modern world. The combination of peptides, anti-oxidants, hydrators and emollients are optimized to achieve superior protection from emerging skin assaults.

Every ADM skincare product is made with love and science 

“Every adm skincare product is made with love and science” says Dr. Dele-Michael. The ingredients are combined to help extend the results of in-office procedures and improve the efficacy and tolerability of prescription skin regimens for truly amazing results.

ADM skincare products are the skin-loving, best-kept secret your skin needs now

The bestselling and best-kept-secret adm skincare products are now available online so you can shop the collection from the comfort of your home.

Dr. Dele-Michael is the founder of ADM skincare line. Shop the ADM skincare collection at admskin.com and follow @dr.delemichael on IG

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