About adm skincare | Dermatologist-Owned Skincare Brand

About adm skincare 

The story of adm skincare  began in 2015, when board-certified dermatologist and skin of color expert, Dr. Adebola Dele-Michael, noted a need for safe and effective skincare products that cater to specific skin concerns affecting people of color.

“I noticed that most of the skincare products available on the market were outdated and did not address skin concerns affecting my patients of color in a culturally competent and safe manner” For instance, many skincare products marketed for hyperpigmentation in people of color still feature hydroquinone, a skin bleaching ingredient that has been banned in Japan, Europe and Australia. “

The quest to create ultra-performing, clean, natural skincare products using clinically proven ingredients, led Dr. Dele-Michael to create adm skincare, a collection of expertly formulated skincare products using the latest in active-ingredient research and product delivery technology.

As a dermatologist-owned, woman-led skincare brand, adm skincare is leading the way in inclusive skincare. “adm skincare is for anyone and everyone desiring radiant and healthy skin, men, women, young and old” says Dr. Dele-Michael.

“Every adm skincare product is made with love and science” says Dr. Dele-Michael.  The ingredients are combined to help extend the results of in-office procedures and improve the efficacy and tolerability of prescription skin regimens for truly amazing results.

The bestselling and best-kept-secret adm skincare products are now available online so you can shop the collection from the comfort of your home.